Doña Elvira, the place where time stands still.

Enjoy the charm of our rural hotel in Jiménez de Jamuz, in the province of León.

Doña Elvira was the mother of José Gordón, the owner of El capricho restaurant.
She was always a marvellous host, a woman in charge of her house.

Powerful in her silence and her domains, with an artful hand in the kitchen and an attentive ear to her guests, she kept the family together astutely. The house was always clean and smelled of delicious food.


We are proud to honour her today by opening this neat space in her honour, so that our guests can feel the care and warmth of its fine details.

We hope you can come and enjoy this charming little hotel in the province of León, this world of memories and symbols… We hope you can come and see this secluded, authentic part of hidden Spain for yourselves, in deepest Leon.

A few steps away from our house in Jiménez de Jamuz, we open the doors of our winery to you, so that you can have the full EL CAPRICHO experience