The town and the surrounding area.

Potters and comedians; the town trade register for Jiménez shows historical landmarks that can still be seen in its streets today. In 1752, there were 42 potters in the census and until the middle of the 20th century, thirty kilns were still in use in the town, filling the air with that soft aroma of burning heather that the elderly locals still recall with nostalgia today.

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The heather is here Proust’s madeleine. In 1898, a townsman was registered as a “comedian”, something unheard of at the time. In Jiménez, there was always theatre put on in the town, even in the war years, and every year there was a great play in the square. Today it is quite common to meet someone in the street who played Miguel Strogoff in his day. The May festival “Los Mayos” still celebrates comedy and folk poetry in a special show staged by the community in a celebration of the spring, with floats carrying figures and huge decorations telling the stories of the past mixed with those of today: the death of Leonard Cohen next to the old profession of water carrier.

With remains of the Roman and Visigoths, Celtic forts and a strong trace of the Mozarab people who repopulated this area, Jiménez offers a walk through its winding streets where the Calle del Sol, Sun Street, crosses the horizon in a miracle of light without touching its neighbour, Calle de la Sombra, Shade Street.

The surrounding area.

Very close to the El Capricho winery, there is a place that the older inhabitants of Jiménez still call El Tesoro, The Treasure, marked on the maps on a small hill above the river; here, not long ago a collection of old coins appeared buried in a clay pot.

Jiménez has always guarded its little secrets jealously; the fun is discovering them for yourself.